About Three Dog Day Productions

Marketing | Communications | Copywriting
Brand Building | Content Marketing

QuoteBox.smThree Dog Day Productions provides marketing and communications expertise to help you build your brand, promote your company, and generate awareness for your product, projects, and productions. Our clients are performing arts organizations, music companies, artists, wine companies, event producers, tourism agencies, non-profits, and technology wizards.

We develop the right marketing strategy that will work for you:

What are your goals? Who is your target audience? Are you utilizing all your resources? Are you fulfilling your clients’ needs? Yes, it’s about reaching them. It’s also about reaching them effectively – with what they want to know, what they need to know, and in the way they want to receive it. Know your audience to have a meaningful relationship with them.

To get the most out of your communications streams:

  • we create compelling content for your website, promotional materials, blog, newsletters, signage, brochures, and social media targeted to your consumer.
  • we write, edit, and polish articles, editorials, press releases, ad copy, speeches, special events scripts, case studies, success stories, sponsorship proposals, bios, and annual reports.

With useful, timely, suitable, relevant, and important messaging, your brand will resonate with your audience.

Recognizing trends and opportunities to market your brand and its products and services, we think creatively. Our motto: Just do it. Most importantly, we understand how to deliver successful results whatever the task. Let’s talk.

website: http://www.yvetteperry.com

contact: yvette@yvetteperry.com

Biz blog about marketing: www.yvetteperry.wordpress.com

Fun blog about words, heavy on the music: http://www.lollapalingo.com

Banner images: Music-marketing campaigns for RC Cola’s Roy Orbison Benefit for the Coalition for the Homeless, Soho Natural Soda’s Soho Natural Sessions college radio program and network, and Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour sponsored by Budweiser.

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