About Yvette

ypandbuddha-webpicI’m your host, Yvette Perry, and I have spent my career as a marketing and communications professional in the music and performing arts business. I have negotiated corporate tour sponsorships and marketing campaigns with major recording artists. At my company, Three Dog Day Productions, I get to use my rock ‘n’ roll moxie to develop effective marketing strategies for all our clients – performing arts organizations, music companies, bands, techs, media, and non-profits.

From major record companies, recording studios, and talent agencies, I switched to spend some time in the nonprofit arena where I directed marketing and communications efforts – exploiting those skill sets gained as a music-marketer. Managing the in-house record label at the New York Philharmonic, I steered Sweeney Todd Live at the New York Philharmonic to a GRAMMY nomination. I’ve been a voting member of the GRAMMYS and sat on the boards of lots of performing arts and non-profit organizations.

website: http://www.yvetteperry.com

contact: yvette@yvetteperry.com

Biz blog about marketing: www.yvetteperry.wordpress.com

Fun blog about words, heavy on the music: http://www.lollapalingo.com

Banner images: Music-marketing campaigns for RC Cola’s Roy Orbison Benefit for the Coalition for the Homeless, Soho Natural Soda’s Soho Natural Sessions college radio program and network, and Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour sponsored by Budweiser.


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