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Wine+Dogs. Music+Homeless. That’s Cause Marketing!

14 Oct

I love dogs. I love wine. Hey, there’s a wine that benefits dogs? Yeah. It’s called Pinot for Paws. What’s not to love about that?

A marketing campaign targeting wine lovers? Check. Targeting dog lovers? Check. Thus it got my attention. And of course, it made me smile. It also got me thinking about Cause Marketing. Because that is what this is.

Post.CauseMktg.Wine.10.9.13.braceletsAnd what is Cause Marketing? It’s a marketing strategy that creates awareness for your brand by partnering with a “cause” that your customers care about. It is a feel good solution for the marketer. A warm, fuzzy feeling that they want to impart so we feel good about them, the brand, and their product. In fact, consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.

CD.RoyOrbison&RCCola&HomelessI have done lots of Cause Marketing campaigns. For instance, RC Cola’s licensed music premium featuring Roy Orbison’s music that benefited the National Coalition for the Homeless. It was such a success that we even produced a landmark concert. Roy Orbison’s widow called saying that Tom Petty and Bob Dylan wanted in and would play a benefit concert. Well, yeah! Let’s do it! And we did.

We hear about a lot of such partnerships now. Back then it was still new. Not so prevalent. But there is one thing that remains true, then and now. That is, it must make sense. For all parties. The sponsor, the brand. The benefiting charity, the cause. The artist, the talent. And the consumer, the audience, the customer. All must care. All must work together seamlessly. And the campaign must be mutually beneficial for all the participants.

Does Cause Marketing work? Here are some facts. 54% of American consumers bought a product associated with a cause over the last 12 months; 89% would switch brands to one associated with a cause given comparable price and quality; and 91% wants even more of the products and services they use to support a cause. (2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study) Says a lot for the efficacy of Cause Marketing – what it can mean, what it can do, what it can promote. That it can do a lot of good, well, that’s what we marketers strive to achieve.

Post.CauseMktg.WinePetAdoptions.OneHope.10.8.13So back to the wine and the dogs. Here’s the deal. Buy a bottle of a Rob Mondavi, Jr. hand-crafted 2011 ONEHOPE California Pinot for Paws Pinot Noir and half of the profits from sales goes to supporting the ASPCA’s pet adoption efforts.

Match a wine with a cause.
Proceeds of sales go to that cause.
Wine brand gains awareness.
And it’s the dogs that benefit.

I can go for that. Cheers!


Pinot for Paws pic: ONEHOPE Wine Official Website

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