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Diana Nyad Found A Way. Hey, That’s My Marketing Mantra

4 Sep

“Find a way.”

Diana Nyad’s mantra. It’s what got her through her successful swim from Cuba to Florida. Sure, she’s a swimmer. More like a super swimmer. She can also teach us marketers something about persevering, believing in yourself, and following your passion.

“Find a way.”

When I heard Diana Nyad say this, I thought, that’s what I do as a marketer. With each new day, I find a way to help a client reach a targeted audience, make a cost-effective marketing plan, build a business.

“It doesn’t matter what you come up against … find a way … you’ll make it through.”

As marketers, it’s what we do. Don’t we? Just like Diana Nyad had her challenge, every project we work on is a challenge. Regardless if we have done it before, once, twice, or twenty, thirty times. Or WWW.DianaNyad.9.4.13never before. I look at each new project as if it is for the first time. It’s a new client, a new goal, and it’s at a different point of time, too. Are there newer marketing venues? Newer technologies? Newer ways to do things? Each new challenge is an opportunity to learn, to try something new, to revise something old. We can get better. We can grow. It’s what makes marketing such a cool vocation. There’s always new things and at the same time you need to use all the skills and experience you have. It’s the only way that we can find a way. And as I’ve always believed, there is always a way.

Oh, and being me, yeah, there’s a musical spin, of course. She says that she has a playlist of 85 songs that she sings to herself. But the one that drove her to keep going, especially in the early mornings, was Neil Young’s The Needle and The Damage Done. Although its lyrics speak of woe, “… It’s that eerie falsetto voice,” that was her companion.

On my website, the headline is: Just do it. That’s always been my way. It’s just another way of saying find a way. And finding a way with some musical assistance is how I do things. It’s what works for me. And it’s my passion. How could Diana Nyad’s achievement, and even more, her earthiness, honesty, dedication, and her unwavering passion not speak to me? I think she can speak to you, too.


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Quote about Neil Young song: NBC ‘s Today Show, September 3, 2013


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