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Rowling, Rolling Stone, and the Role of Beethoven

19 Jul

Some Friday faves for you.

So there’s this well-reviewed thriller, The Cuckoo’s Calling, modest sales, debut author, name of Robert Galbraith. Turns out this very well written and very well paced novel is by J.K. Rowling. And now sales are going through the roof. But wait, there’s more. Rowling is disappointed about the leak of her pseudonym. She enjoyed the anonymity. Well, she can say goodbye to that.

Hard to miss the brouhaha built up this week surrounding the cover of the Rolling Stone. See, you have to phrase it that way, the cover of the Rolling Stone. Because there’s a song out there that makes it impossible not to refer to it that way. Anyway. Glamorizing terrorism or savvy marketing or good journalism, here’s my take.

FF.Beethoven5.dogAbout that Da-da-da-DAAHH thing. You know those first four notes of Beethoven’s Fifth? How we know, we can feel, we anticipate the rest? That’s because our brain’s transmitters are bustling. A professor of neuroscience explains why that’s such a great thing for music lovers. Oh, and about the pic of Beethoven the Dog…sorry about the mix-up.


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