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Stuck for an Answer? Here’s a Tip

14 Aug

Y’know when someone asks you a question and you’re at a total loss to answer?

WWW.Stumped.8.14.13 Maybe you’re at a job interview, at a press conference, or in a meeting?

Or maybe you’re in the middle of a presentation or you’re on a panel?

It’s that baffling feeling when you know that you’re just plain stumped for an answer. Well, don’t just scratch your head. Try this:

“The best answer … is the most honest one … taking a deep breath and looking inward …. If a question of any kind ever stumps you, remember your experience and who you are as a person has ultimately prepared you for this moment. Even if you get initially stumped, there is a place inside of you that has the answer you need.”



Mary Pat Whaley, LinkedIn article
Pic: Sodahead

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