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Show Your True Colors

2 Aug

“They call me Mellow Yellow, quite rightly, they call me Mellow Yellow …”  Well, we know how Donovan felt about yellow. How do you feel about the color yellow? Scientists say the human eye notices the color yellow first. In fact, marketers use a yellow background with black type because tests have shown that this combination is the most memorable and the easiest to read.

What makes a product stand out? Color. Visually, it’s how your brand will be recognized and easily remembered. Emotionally, it’s how it will make your customer feel. As the first observation that will be made about you, it is the foundation of your brand’s identity.

Colors affect us, they can trigger our feelings. Therefore, knowing the emotion a color emits is important to represent your brand effectively. It will convey your message instantly and reinforce its meaning. So when choosing a color for your company, brand, or product, make sure that it reflects your personality! Or as Cyndi Lauper says, “… show your true colors!”



Infographic: The Logo Company


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