Weird Al Yankovic’s “Word Crimes” Ain’t No Crime!

16 Jul

Hooray! The king of parody sure has a way with words. Count on Weird Al to find a valuable use for Robin Thicke’s hit, Blurred Lines. In his new video, Word Crimes, Weird Al tells it like it is. Annoyed by the manifest misuse of words and phrases, bad spelling, and even worse grammar (especially on social media), he thought up a great way to express his displeasure. And to give everyone a lesson at the same time. Oh yeah, don’t get him started on those emoticons and faux abbreviations.

I hate these Word Crimes Your prose is dopey
Think you should only Write in emoji

I love words and wordplay (see my blog posts). Having fun with words is great – but learn your grammar rules first!

You should never Write words using numbers
Unless you’re seven Or your name is Prince

Grammar is my tool. If you want to get your message heard, make friends with proper grammar.

Good time To learn some grammar
Now, did I stammer Work on that grammar

Weird Al, thanks for the education on punctuation!



Weird Al pic: RCA via Billboard
Word Crime lyrics: from the album, Mandatory Fun (2014)

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