Music Review: My Favorite French Singer-Songwriter

25 Oct



A rare artist America should know, October 19, 2013
By Yvette Perry

This review is from: Amoureuse (Audio CD)

Having a French family, my visits to Paris always yielded happy discoveries. And one of the earliest, and surely the best, was Veronique Sanson. I have loved her since I was a teenager. Now that I no longer have a cassette player, I knew it VeroniqueSanson_amoureusewas time to get one of my favorite albums, Amoureuse, on CD. So happy that I found it here on Amazon, where the sound quality is exactly as it was on the original release. This is, to me, her best album. Every song is memorable. In fact you’ll find yourself humming the tunes long after you’ve hit the “off” button. I think they are perhaps the songs she is most known for. Her voice, her lyrics, her melodies – put together her songs are made luminous. Trying to describe her by saying that she’s a bit Linda Ronstadt, a bit Joni Mitchell, well, it’s just too pat. (Although she was married to Stephen Stills!) She’s a unique artist and one of vast talent. If you catch her live performances on YouTube, you will find how easily and powerfully she connects with her audiences. I hope you will give this album a listen. This artist is well worth your time!

Amoureuse album cover: Veronique Sanson Official Website
Review: Amazon
Concert 1979 (Live): YouTube/Michel Didier

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